Yusense Map版本更新

Yusense Map Version Update


发行版本: Yusense Map V2.2.4

Release Version:Yusense Map V2.2.4

版本编号: B20230929-0092

Version Number:B20230929-0092


Update Content:

1. 兼容MS200 相机,全流程工具自动识别相机型号;

1. Compatible to handle MS200 camera data; The full process tool automatically identifies the MS200 camera model;

2. 支持多阶灰板定标功能;

2. Supports radiation calibration of multi-stage gray plate;

3. 支持波段计算成果渲染输出;

3. Supports rendering of output band calculation results;

4. 支持输出.las 点云数据;

4. Support output .las point cloud data;

5. 优化了部分已知问题。

5. Optimize some known problems.


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